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Sustainability is of prime consideration to Tate Online Shop and we are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment, prevent pollution and operate in an efficient and responsible way. We are committed to continuous improvement on energy use, waste and were recognised for our achievements in this area with ISO14001 accreditation, for our warehouse operations, last year. We aim to comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and seek to continually take positive steps to implement best practise.

Our aims are:
> To operate an environmental management system.
> To use energy and water efficiently and optimise our use of natural resources.
> To package customers’ orders in an efficient way, without using excessive packaging materials.
> To use FSC quality packaging wherever possible.
> To choose suppliers, printers and manufacturers who share our ethical values to ensure that workers operate under fair, safe and well-paid conditions.
> To minimise the volume of waste deposited to landfill by re-using and recycling materials wherever possible.
> To encourage modes of transport, which minimise environmental impact , ensure that our staff are aware of efficient driving and examine the operation of our vehicles.
> To ensure that our staff are aware of relevant environmental issues, and their own roles and responsibilities in delivering the overall programme and provide regular and appropriate training.
> To encourage our suppliers, partners and customers to adopt sound environmental principles.
> To always ensure that any procurement of products, goods, services, supplies or resources are evaluated with a high priority on environmental awareness.
> To ensure that our key suppliers and contractors are aware of our policy and that wherever possible, they operate to similar standards as a minimum.
> To continue to provide support for sustainable initiatives that contribute towards the preservation or enhancement of the quality of life in the community in which we operate.
> To regularly monitor, audit and review our environmental programme to ensure continuous improvement and identify examples of best practice that may be shared throughout the organisation.

If you would like further information on any matters relating to sustainability or would like to give us your feedback or suggestions, please contact us by email on shop.online@tate.org.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7887 8869.

Customer Service: +44 (0)20 7887 8869
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